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Cotton farmers in parts of AP, Maharashtra, Karnataka shift to other crops
Date : 04/07/2013
 COIMBATORE: Cotton farmers have shifted to sowing of soyabeans in some parts ofAndhra Pradesh and Maharashtra and to corn in northern Karnataka, according toIndian Cotton Federation

However, in Tamil Nadu, there was a 20 per cent increase in cotton sowing instead of rice in areas surrounding Thanjavur, due to scarcity of water during sowing for the Kuruvai crop, the federation in its cotton market report said. 

Without attributing specific reasons to the shifting of crops, it said the federation would take another month to get a clear picture of the cotton sowing pattern. 

On the price front, it said lint prices are pulsating as sowing was progressing along with distribution of rains all over cotton sowing belts, particularly Northern and Central zones. 

Trade reports indicated a downward trend of cotton lint price on the prospects of new crop, ICF, formerly South India Cotton Association, said. 
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